Gene Eckhardt iPhone Photo Honored by PSA

“f/8 and Be There” is longstanding advice to photographers. With our smartphone cameras, we are out of excuses for not being there with our camera. At the May Projection competition, Gene treated us to excellent iPhone travel photographs. And this month, Photographic Society of America’s showed its enthusiasm for Gene’s work, by selecting his Bilbao Guggenheim for its Digital Dialog Showcase. Congratulations, Gene!

Gene’s comments on this image:

Photo is the Guggenheim Museum (Frank Gehry) in Bilbao, Spain. Shot from a bridge upstream. ISO 50, 1/17,f1.8 (fixed). Used an app to shoot raw. DNG file is 1.4x the JPG. Used bridge railing to steady camera. Hotel about a five minute walk upstream. Passed frequently and took lots of photos from different angles. Minimal processing.

I am a dedicated phone camera user and promoter. My journey started in 2015 with an iPhone 6s, which also has a camera. I, like almost all photographers I know, had “gear bias”, a correlation of camera “quality” with image “quality.” A simple recognition of bias allowed me to make a large change in perspective. I now use an iCamera 8, which also has a phone. I use camera apps that give complete control over settings and include the option to shoot RAW/DNG

Be sure to read Gene’s fascinating and informative article How I Learned to Love the iCamera on his iPhone photography journey.
(yep, even we Android phone folks can read it 🙂

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