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The Projection Division of the Tacoma Photographic Society hosts a monthly competition and review meeting. The meeting is usually held on the first Thursday of each month. The meeting location can be found in the calendar event for that meeting.

All meetings are virtual

Due to the restrictions in place to reduce the spread of the Corona Virus and COVID-19, all Projection Division Meetings are being held using ZOOM. Meeting information is posted on the monthly competition page by the meeting day. Please consult the Society Calendar for the codes required to join the meeting.

Activity Begins
Open for EntriesSaturdayfor 7 days16 days before meeting
Open for VotingSundayfor 7 days11 days before meeting
Meeting PrepSundayfor 4 daysCompile and Prepare results
Review Meeting1st ThursdayDay of Meeting
Usual schedule of activities

Projection Division Competitions are digital. Images are uploaded to our competition software by our members. A panel of judges rate each image then members are provided an opportunity to pick the images they like, a popular vote. The results are tabulated and presented at the meeting. Also, during the meeting, those images members have submitted for critique are reviewed by the members present and feedback is provided to the maker.

Use of Image

Tacoma Photographic Society reserves the right to use any and all images submitted by club members for the purpose of promoting the Society. If a member does not wish for his or her image to be used in this manner, the member should not submit it into competition.

Tacoma Photographic Society will acknowledge the maker whenever an image is used ins such manner. The maker retains all other rights to the image.

Competition Rules

The Projection Division of the Tacoma Photographic Society is governed by the Society’s Constitution and Bylaws.


No entry that receives Photographic Points may be submitted more than once unless the composition has been substantially changed, nor may the work or a near duplicate be submitted in more than one of the Projection or Print competitions. Enhanced photographs can be entered into all competitions. These images must come from a photograph or montage of photographs taken by the entrant on film or electronically recorded. Any enhancement other than overall color and contrast control must be made by the photographer. The original image must be created in a camera.

Tacoma Photographic Society Bylaws; Article 12, Section 6, Subsection (a)

There should be no identifying text, graphics, or marks which might identify the maker. Specifically, the shall be NO watermarks on images.

Who May Enter

Only active TPS Division Affiliates my enter Division Competition.

Content Restrictions

All images submitted to a competition must:

  • be family friendly, suitable to all age groups.
  • have originated in a camera
  • not be a reproduction of an existing etching, painting, or photograph.
  • be the property of the member presenting the image. It is assumed that the member is the original maker of the image.
  • not have received photographic points in any previous Division Competition.

Images entered into previous competitions

It is important to understand this statement in the TPS Bylaws:

No entry that receives Photographic Points, may be submitted more than once, unless the composition has been substantially changed, nor may the work or a near duplicate be submitted in more than one of the Projection or Print competitions.

TPS Bylaws, Monthly Division Competitions

As Scorekeeper, I am interpreting this statement to mean:

  • Any image may be reentered into competition if it has not received Photographic Points.
    This would include:
    • images entered into the Online Competitions
    • images entered into Society Competitions that did not place on popular vote
    • images entered into previous Division Competitions that did not receive points
  • Any image which did receive Photographic Points may be reentered into competition if the maker has substantially changed it.
    An example of this is where the image scored a single Photographic Point, and the maker executed the changes recommended during critique – perhaps a major crop or change from color to B&W.

In general, Division Competition is open to all photographic subjects. There are no restrictions on what the maker has done to an image in post-production excepting that the work started from a camera capture and, the work is that of the maker.


In Person Competitions

Images entered into Division Competition will be judged by a panel of four judges. Three of the four judge’s scores will be used to assign a score to the image. Please review the Society’s Bylaws for further details on Judges Scoring and how they apply to your photographic points and awards.

Digital / Online Competitions

Images entered into Digital Competition will be judged by a panel of four judges. Each judge will rate an image on a scale of one to five stars. Three of these ratings will be used to calculate the judge’s score for each image. The star ratings will be shifted to match the TPS ratings of six to ten points.

Judges ratings will also contribute to the popular vote rating of the image (below).

Popular Vote

In Person Competitions

All persons in attendance at a competition meeting are eligible to participate in the popular vote. Based on the number of images in the competitions (see below), participants will vote on images by show of hands. Images will be awarded First, Second, Third Place and Honorable Mention according to the tally. Ties will not be broken.

Digital / Online Competitions

Popular Vote for Digital Competition will be through a rating system. Members may choose to rate an image from zero to five stars. The average of the sum of the stars for each image will be used to determine its popular vote score. Images will be awarded First, Second, Third Place, and Honorable Mention according to the tally. Ties will not be broken.

The Judges ratings will also contribute towards the popular vote score of an image.

In Digital Competition, each member may rate each and every image in the competition.

Each member is asked not to vote for every image. The number of images you are permitted to vote for is defined by the number of entries, the same as for our in-person meetings. The breakpoints are as follows:

Three images or less enteredNo Contest
Five images or less enteredTwo votes
Eight images or less enteredThree votes
Thirteen images or less enteredFour votes
Twenty-one images or less enteredFive votes
Thirty-four images or less enteredSix votes
Fifty-five images or more enteredSeven votes
Fifty-six images or more enteredEight votes

Competition Categories

Division For Comment / Not For Comment

The bylaws of the Society define two divisions: Projection, and Print. Members earn Photographic Points by how well their images are judged and rated in the popular vote. The Division For Comment, and Division Not For Comment Categories are a way for members to request that an image be critiqued during the meeting. By selecting the For Comment Category, the member is indicating that they would like their image discussed at the meeting.

Society Assigned Topic

In addition to Division Competition, a Society Assigned Topic competition may also be held at meetings. Members may enter up to two images into this competition category as available on the entry form. The topics change each month and are used by both Projection/Digital competition and Print competition.

A list of current and past topics are available on this page: Society Assigned Topic.

Society Assigned Topic images are judged by Popular Vote. Based on the tally, First, Second, Third and Honorable Mentions may be earned. Photographic Points are awarded as per the Society Bylaws.

Image Type

Only Digital Image Files rendered as JPEG (type .jpg) will be accepted.

Image Size

Images should be no larger than 1080 pixels high by 1920 pixels wide. Images larger than these dimensions will be resized to fit. Images smaller than these dimensions will not be resized.


All images will be displayed by a color aware browser, or a projector calibrated to the sRGB color space. While we make every reasonable attempt to ensure proper color calibration of our equipment, we do not make any guarantee that your image will be displayed with absolute fidelity.

File Size

Files in excess of 1.5MB (Mega Bytes or Mega Pixels) in size will not be accepted.

Method of Entry

Structured File Naming Requirements

In order to be able to maintain ownership and traceability for each image file, the following structured naming convention is required for images entered into competition:

  • Your Name
  • # (field delimiter)
  • Class or Category (Comment | No Comment | Theme)
  • # (field delimiter)
  • Your Title
  • .jpg (file extension)

Example: Your Name#No Comment#Your Title.jpg

Spaces are ok because we know the “#” breaks the fields. Special characters such as the apostrophe (‘) will cause your file upload to fail. Your choice is to either not use it or substitute a dash in its place.

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