Projection Division Rules


No entry that receives Photographic Points may be submitted more than once unless the composition has been substantially changed, nor may the work or a near duplicate be submitted in more than one of the Projection or Print competitions. Enhanced photographs can be entered into all competitions. These images must come from a photograph or montage of photographs taken by the entrant on film or electronically recorded. Any enhancement other than overall color and contrast control must be made by the photographer. The original image must be created in a camera.

Tacoma Photographic Society Bylaws; Article 12, Section 6, Subsection (a)


Images entered into Division Competition will be judged by a panel of 4 judges. 3 of the four judge’s scores will be used to assign a score to the image. Please review the Society’s Bylaws for further details on Judges Scoring and how they apply to your photographic points and awards

Popular Vote

Images entered into both Division and Assigned Topic Competitions will be voted on by all in attendance to determine the best images by Popular Vote. Images will be awarded First, Second, and Third Place according to the tally. Ties will not be broken.

Number of Entries

Members may enter two images into each competition (Division or Assigned Topic).

You may select one image in the Division Competition for comments and critique during the second half of the meeting, after all of the images have been judged.

Image Type

Only Digital Image Files rendered as JPEG (type .jpg) will be accepted.

Image Size

Images should be no larger than 1080 pixels high by 1920 pixels wide. Images larger than these dimensions will be resized to fit. Images smaller than these dimensions will not be resized


All images will be displayed by a projector calibrated to the sRGB color space. While we make every reasonable attempt to ensure proper color calibration of our equipment, we do not make any guarantee that your image will be displayed with absolute fidelity.

File Size

Files in excess of 4 Mega Bytes in size will not be accepted

File Naming

Files submitted to competition must adhere to the following naming convention:

  • NAME – Name of image author – Please provide First and Last name
  • TITLE – Title of the image as it will be announced at the meeting.
  • CLASS – one of: “THEME”; “COMMENT”; “NO COMMENT” –

For Example:

  • JOHN SMITH-Balancing Cup-Comment
  • JOHN SMITH-Broken Glass-No Comment
  • JOHN SMITH-Fence Post-Theme

Please follow these naming rules as it makes the Division Secretary’s job of posting your entry to the competition catalog so much easier.

Method of Entry

Each Monthly Projection Competition is open to entry for a two week period prior to the date of the competition. The last day for entries is 2 days prior to the competition. Entries received after the close will be accepted at the sole discretion of the Print Division Secretary.

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