The Projection Division of our Tacoma Photographic Society hosts a monthly competition and review meeting.
The meeting is usually held on the first Wednesday of each month.
The meeting location and its online access credentials can be found in the calendar event for that meeting.


  • All the information on the TPS Competitions page applies
    • Each member may enter up to four images into Division Competition each month
      • Up to two Theme and two Division (one of which may be For Comment)
  • Submission – Typically from 17 to 10 days before the Review Meeting.
    • Max size 1.5 MB
    • Max width 1920 pixels, max height 1080 pixels
    • sRGB color space
  • How each competition works
    • Projection Division Competitions are digital.
    • Images are uploaded to our competition software by our members.
    • A panel of judges rates each image.
    • Members cast their popular votes.
    • The results are tabulated and presented at the Review Meeting.
    • Also, during the meeting, those images members have submitted for critique are reviewed by the members present and feedback is provided to the maker.

Image Submission

Image Type

Only JPEG files (type .jpg) will be accepted.

Image Size

Images should be no larger than 1080 pixels high by 1920 pixels wide. Images larger than these dimensions will be resized to fit. Images smaller than these dimensions will not be resized.


  • For your images to be seen by viewers as you intend
    • Images must use the sRGB color space.
    • Your monitor be accurately color-calibrated to sRGB color space.
    • Your monitor must be adjusted to a brightness level of 100 – 120 cd/m2, which is normal for photographic processing, printing, and viewing. Monitors for everyday use are often calibrated much brighter, which will produce a dark image on the monitors of some viewers. That said, the brightness of the viewer’s environment is a factor in determining optimal monitor brightness.
    • Contact the Projection Team for assistance if needed.

When presenting the images at in-person meetings, we make every reasonable attempt to ensure proper color calibration and brightness of our projector, but we do not make any guarantee that your image will be displayed with absolute fidelity.

File Size

Files should be no larger than 1.5MB (Mega Bytes or Mega Pixels).

Judging and Popular Vote

Calibrating your monitor

View the entries on a monitor using the sRGB Color Space, which is color calibrated, and uses an intermediate brightness level.


Images entered into Division Competition will be judged by a panel of four judges. Three of the four judge’s scores will be used to assign a score to the image. Each judge will rate an image on a scale of one to five stars. Three of these ratings will be used to calculate the judge’s score for each image. The star ratings will be shifted to match the TPS ratings of six to ten points.

See Judging Guidelines

Popular Vote

Popular Vote for Digital Competition will be through a rating system. Members may choose to rate each and every image image from zero to five stars. Members are urged to apply the Judging Guidelines in their scoring.

The average of the sum of the stars for each image will be used to determine its popular vote score. Images will be awarded First, Second, Third Place, and Honorable Mention according to the tally. Ties will not be broken.

The Judges’ votes will also count as popular votes.


The general schedule for a Monthly Projection Competition is:

Activity Begins
Open for EntriesSaturdayfor 7 days16 days before meeting
Open for VotingSundayfor 7 days11 days before meeting
Meeting PrepSundayfor 4 daysCompile and Prepare results
Review Meeting1st WednesdayDay of Meeting
Usual schedule of activities
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