Online Competition Rules

In general, this competition follows the rules laid out for Projection Division Competition Rules. The rules presented here are subject to change in future online competitions based on the feedback and suggestions of Society members.

Remember that Tacoma Photographic Society hosts these competitions to provide photographers an avenue to receive feedback about their work so that they can improve in the craft.

General Rules

  • Images must come from a photograph or montage of photographs taken by the entrant on film or electronically recorded. The original image(s) must be created in a camera.
  • Enhanced photographs can be entered into all competitions
  • Any enhancement other than overall color and contrast control must be made by the entrant
  • The entrant must be the owner of the copyright of the image being submitted and should be the original creator
  • Images should be no larger that 1920 pixels horizontally, and 1080 pixels vertically.
  • Images files larger than 1.5 Megabytes will be rejected.

No Photographic Points

Online competitions such as this one are not described in any way in the Bylaws of the Tacoma Photographic Society. Images submitted to this competition will not receive any photographic points and therefore will not contribute to the member’s advancement in rank.

Who may enter

Any member or former member of the Tacoma Photographic Society may enter this competition. If you are able to log in to this website, you are eligible to enter.


  • Images will be judged on a 1 to 5-star rating scale
  • Any member or former member of the Tacoma Photographic Society may vote for an image in this competition. If you can log in to this website, you are eligible to vote for an image.
  • Individual member votes will be anonymous
  • Members are permitted to vote each image once.
  • Members may not vote for their own image.

Method of Entry

Members may submit image files for entry through the form on this page.


Tacoma Photographic Society is not providing any awards towards this competition.

Images which have the most votes from the membership, at close of voting, will be recognized by the Society in the Society newsletter.


The entrant accepts the fact that entered images will be displayed on a vast array of different devices. They will be resized to fit on those devices. The color fidelity of those devices may be less than acceptable standard. These conditions may impact the rating images entered into competition may receive.

Tacoma Photographic Society has no control over these devices and therefore may not be held in any way responsible for any rating an entry may receive.

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