Society Assigned Topic Competitions

Tacoma Photographic Society sponsors competition at as a Society and as specific Divisions. Under Article 12-Awards, the Society Bylaws specifically define three society sponsored competitions: Society Assigned Topic Competition; Photo Essay Competition; Scavenger Hunt Competition. This page is focused on the rules that govern our regular Assigned Topic Competitions.

All Society Competitions, including Division Competition are governed by the rules laid out in the Society Bylaws. Again, Article 12-Awards, specifically the section entitled: Assigned Topic Competitions.

Assigned Topic and Division Competitions may be held during the same meeting

The Society may choose to conduct an Assigned Topic Competition at the same meeting as a Division Competition. Each competition will be judged separately as governed by the Society Bylaws. The Division Director is responsible for the display and voting at such meetings. The Division Secretary is responsible for recording the votes for each competition.

Assigned Topics

The topic assigned to each competition is included in the meeting information on the club calendar. The following list shows the topics through the months listed:

MonthAssigned Topic
January 2021Yellow
February 2021Hot Drink
March 2021Cozy / Hot Drink
April 2021Your Weather
May 2021Bubbles
June 2021Stairs
July 2021Celebrate
August 2021Sleep
September 2021Forms in Nature
October 2021Handwriting
November 2021Friends
December 2021Choice

Competition Dates

The dates for all competitions, and their phases will be posted to the Society Calendar Page on this website.

Reminder emails will be sent to all who subscribe to the Meeting and Competition Announcements mailing list.

Competition Rules

In general, this competition follows the rules laid out for Projection Division Competition Rules. The rules presented here are subject to change in future online competitions based on the feedback and suggestions of Society members. Remember that Tacoma Photographic Society hosts these competitions to provide photographers an avenue to receive feedback about their work so that they can improve in the craft.

General Rules

  • Images must come from a photograph or montage of photographs taken by the entrant on film or electronically recorded. The original image(s) must be created in a camera
  • Enhanced photographs may be entered into all competitions
  • Any enhancement other than overall color and contrast control must be made by the entrant
  • The entrant must be the owner of the copyright of the image being submitted and should be the original creator
  • Images should be no larger than 1920 pixels wide (horizontally), and 1080 pixels high (vertically).
  • Images files larger than 1.5 Megabytes will be rejected.
  • Only two images per entrant
  • Images submitted to previous Online Competitions may not be submitted to this Online Competition
  • Images submitted into online competition may have been previously entered into Projection or Print Division Competition
  • There shall be NO identifying marks on the image that might indicate the maker except as they contribute to the story portrayed by that image.

Who may enter

Any Society Member or Division Affiliate of the Tacoma Photographic Society may enter this competition. If your membership has expired, you are not eligible to enter the competitions.


  • Images will be judged by popular vote – one vote per image per member
  • Members will be asked to vote on a limited number of images based on the number of images entered (same as for physical meeting popular vote). The breakpoints for votes per images entered is presented above.
  • Any Society Member or Division Affiliate of the Tacoma Photographic Society may vote for an image. If your membership has expired, you will not be able to vote.
  • Individual member votes will be anonymous


Each member is asked not to vote for every image. The number of images you are permitted to vote for is defined by the number of entries, the same as for our in-person meetings. The breakpoints are as follows:

3 images or less entered – 1 vote
6 images or less entered – 2 votes
9 images or less entered – 3 votes
19 images or less entered – 4 votes
31 images or less entered – 5 votes
46 images or less entered – 6 votes
47 images or more entered – 7 votes

Photographic Points

Photographic points will be awarded as described in the Society Bylaws.


The entrant accepts the fact that entered images will be displayed on a vast array of different devices. They will be resized to fit on those devices. The color fidelity of those devices may be less than acceptable standard. These conditions may impact the rating images entered into this competition may receive. Tacoma Photographic Society has no control over these devices and therefore may not be held in any way responsible for any rating an entry may receive.


By entering this, or any other Tacoma Photographic Society Competition, the entrant agrees to abide by the Society’s Terms of Use. We would draw your attention to the Contests Competitions and Promotions section.

File Management

Images are uploaded to the competition through the Photo Contest Plugin on the particular competition page.

Data Fields

  • Title – The image title as it will display to all viewers
  • Category – Select a category – Not for Comment is the default.
  • Select Image – Browse on your local computer for the image file – note size limitation


File naming is up to the member except that WordPress does not handle some special characters. Please use only alpha and numeric characters, the dash or the underscore (a-z, A-Z, 0-9, -, _) or spaces.

  • liddy’s bone.jpg will fail because of the apostrophe
  • liddys bone.jpg is OK

If you have problems with a particular file name, please remove any special characters.

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