May 2022 Projection Contest — Division Images

Hummingbird by Bruce Benson◆ 1st Place ◆ Division ◆ April 2022

( Enter Theme images in the Theme Page )

  • Submission – April 16-23
    • Maximum of 2 Division Images per person
    • Use the “Category” dropdown in the submission box below to designate
      • max of 1 as For Comment,
      • 0, 1 or 2 as No Comment
  • Do not put your name in the title or on the image
  • Image files
    • Max size 1.5 MB, Max width 1920 pixels, max height 1080 pixels, sRGB color space
    • File naming standard is Your Name#Category#Title.jpg
    • For example Robert Smith#Comment#Yellow Daisy.jpg    and Robert Smith#NoComment#Red Tulip.jpg

General Guideline — Composition (2 points) + Technique (2 Points) + Impact (1 point).
|See more about these at Judging Guidelines

How to Assign Stars — click the + sign for guidelines >>>

Excellent – 5 stars. “Knocks your socks off!” Outstanding composition, Tells a complete story or creates a mood for the viewer, High Impact to the viewer. No Major weaknesses

Very Good – 4 stars. Technically correct, Good composition, tells a story or creates a mood, impacts the viewer at first sight, has only one major weakness and one minor weakness.

Good ( 3 stars). Typical image quality of the club, good color for the subject and background, good pictorial treatment, technically correct, may have up to two major weaknesses.

Average (2 stars). Average as far as the general public is concerned, little impact or imagination, Does not meet TPS acceptance criteria, may have up to three major weaknesses.

Fair (1 star). A snapshot type of picture that needs improvement. The score of 6 is rarely given.

Note — When scoring, click on the star for the first image and voting will be enabled for each image in turn.
Clicking on the magnifying glass will show the images, but not enable voting.

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