June 2021 Projection Division

There is no Assigned Topic for Division Competition

Popular Vote

36 Images – Please only vote for 6 images.

By pressing the Chain Link in the top right corner of a gallery thumbnail, the page will change to display a single image.
In this view, you can open a larger lightbox view, vote for this image, or scroll left or right to the next image.

Meeting Information

The meeting information will be found on the Society Calendar. Look on the calendar or you can go to Meeting Events here.

Past Competition Results and Archives

Competition Review Archives

(Print Competition is not an online competition so we do not have any review pages for them)

Please allow for the time required to compile the results and update the post.

Popular Vote Determination

The number of votes is determined by the number of images entered. The following table shows the breakpoints.

3 images or lessNo Contest
5 images or less1 Vote
8 images or less2 Votes
13 images or less3 Votes
21 images or less4 Votes
34 images or less5 Votes
55 images or less6 Votes
56 or more images7 votes

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