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The Projection Division of the Tacoma Photographic Society hosts a monthly competition and review meeting. The meeting is usually held on the first Wednesday of each month. The meeting location can be found in the calendar event for that meeting.


  • Each TPS Projection competition comprises two categories
    • Theme ( also called Assigned Topic ) is for 1 or 2 images per person that illustrate the theme for the month.
      A main purpose of “Assigned Topic” competition is to nudge photographers out of their comfort zone.
    • Division images are unrestricted — Show your stuff! —
      maximum of 2 images per person; 1 image may be designated “For Comment”.
  • Submission – Typically from 17 to 10 days before the Review Meeting.
    • Max size 1.5 MB
    • Max width 1920 pixels, max height 1080 pixels
    • sRGB color space
    • File Naming — Your Name#Category# Image Title.jpg
      for example Joe Smith#Comment#White Daisy.jpg
      Joe Smith##No Comment#Red Tulip.jpg

Projection Division Competitions are digital. Images are uploaded to our competition software by our members. A panel of judges rate each image while members are provided an opportunity to pick the images they like, a popular vote. The results are tabulated and presented at the meeting. Also, during the meeting, those images members have submitted for critique are reviewed by the members present and feedback is provided to the maker.

Image Submission

Image Type

Only Digital Image Files rendered as JPEG (type .jpg) will be accepted.

Image Size

Images should be no larger than 1080 pixels high by 1920 pixels wide. Images larger than these dimensions will be resized to fit. Images smaller than these dimensions will not be resized.


All images will be displayed by a color aware browser, or a projector calibrated to the sRGB color space. While we make every reasonable attempt to ensure proper color calibration of our equipment, we do not make any guarantee that your image will be displayed with absolute fidelity.

File Size

Files in excess of 1.5MB (Mega Bytes or Mega Pixels) in size will not be accepted.

Structured File Naming Requirements

In order to be able to maintain ownership and traceability for each image file, the following structured naming convention is required for images entered into competition:

  • Your Name
  • # (field delimiter)
  • Class or Category (Comment | No Comment | Theme)
  • # (field delimiter)
  • Your Title
  • .jpg (file extension)

Example: Your Name#No Comment#Your Title.jpg

Spaces are ok because we know the “#” breaks the fields. Special characters such as the apostrophe (‘) will cause your file upload to fail. Your choice is to either not use it or substitute a dash in its place.

For more information, see Rules for Projection (and Print) competition

Judging and Popular Vote

In Person Competitions

Images entered into Division Competition will be judged by a panel of four judges. Three of the four judge’s scores will be used to assign a score to the image. Please review the Society’s Bylaws for further details on Judges Scoring and how they apply to your photographic points and awards.

Digital / Online Competitions

Digital / Online Judge’s Scoring

See Judging Guidelines

Judge’s Scoring for Digital Competition — Images entered into Digital Competition will be judged by a panel of four judges. Each judge will rate an image on a scale of one to five stars. Three of these ratings will be used to calculate the judge’s score for each image. The star ratings will be shifted to match the TPS ratings of six to ten points.

Popular Vote for Digital Competition will be through a rating system. Members may choose to rate an image from zero to five stars. The average of the sum of the stars for each image will be used to determine its popular vote score. Images will be awarded First, Second, Third Place, and Honorable Mention according to the tally. Ties will not be broken.

The Judges’ ratings will also contribute to the popular vote score of an image.

In Digital / Online Competition, each member may rate each and every image in the competition.


The general schedule for a Monthly Projection Competition is:

Activity Begins
Open for EntriesSaturdayfor 7 days16 days before meeting
Open for VotingSundayfor 7 days11 days before meeting
Meeting PrepSundayfor 4 daysCompile and Prepare results
Review Meeting1st WednesdayDay of Meeting
Usual schedule of activities
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