Juried Competition Steps

Process for Rating Images

The Jury will be made up from members of the Division who are familiar with the Society’s Judging Criteria. The Division Director will maintain a pool of such members and obtain agreement from four members to sit on the Jury panel for each competition. The members of the Jury must be communicated to the site administrator at least one week before the competition opens for entries.

Steps for Judges:

Step 1 – Navigate on the website to the competition page

Log on to the Society Website. Navigate to the Current Online Competition page.

Step 2 – Select an image to rate

In the competition gallery, select the star icon on the bottom right corner of the thumbnail.
This will open the image in a larger view

Step 3 – Click on a star 6 or more stars to the right

Using the Judging Criteria, click on a star six or more stars to the right to indicate your rating.
There are ten stars in the array.
Once you select your star rating, you cannot change it!

Step 4 – WAIT for your rating to register

Wait until the system comes back with a Thank You message before moving from the page or selecting the next image.

Step 5 – Click right or left arrow to go to next image

After you have received your Thank You message, you can click the right or left arrow to go to the next image in the gallery.

Note 1 – Judges may only rate an image once

When navigating the gallery of images, you will see a message You have rated this photo already if you have already rated it. You may not change your rating after it is set.

Note 2 – Judges may not rate their own image

When a judge lands on their own photo they will receive this message: YOU CAN’T RATE YOUR PHOTO! and not be permitted to enter a rating.

Note 3 – Judges must complete all ratings by the Saturday prior to meeting!

The competition configuration must be reset before popular voting can begin. The jury will no longer be able to rate an image after this reconfiguration.

Note 4 – Judges will not be able to participate in Popular Vote

Members of the Jury will not be able to participate in the popular vote. Due to constraints built into the competition software, a member is only allowed to vote once. Voting as a member of the Jury counts towards that vote. We have not been able to create a workaround so Jury members will rate each image but not participate in the popular vote.

How to Judge Online Video

Two minutes of your time.

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