Judging & Rating Online Competition Images

When the Projection Division hosts online competitions, there are several things to be aware of when you are applying your Popular Vote or acting as a Judge.


TPS usually hosts a Division Competition and an Assigned Topic Competition on meeting nights. To reduce the amount of work managing these online competitions, and still host both, we have combined them into one online contest. We are doing this using “Categories”.

  • yy.mm.a) Division: Not For Comment
  • yy.mm.b) Division: For Comment
  • yy.mm.c) Assigned Topic: [topic name]

The “yy.mm.” is to show the year, 21, and the month, 09. The a, b, and c, cause the categories to sort making the 21.09.a) Division: Not for Comment the default category.

Members need to be aware of these categories when voting because we need you to vote only for X number of images in Division competition, and only X number of images in Assigned Topic Competition.

Member Rating for Popular Vote and Judging

As you can see from this screen capture, the allowed Popular Vote for Division and Assigned Topic Contests will be posted above the contest gallery. The actual numbers will be updated after entries close.

Steps to configure the How-to Schema:

Step 1 – Select an image

Scroll down to the Photo Contest Gallery and click on the Star in bottom right corner of the first image.
This will open the image full size with a rating bar, the image title, and The Category.

Step 2 – Check the Category

The Category is on the lower left corner below the voting bar. Check that it is Division or Assigned Topic.
This image is Assigned Topic.

Step 3 – Rate the Image

Click on a star to rate the image.
For a Judge, this will become the score (6 -> 10) for the image if it is in the Division Categories (which this one is not.)
For a Member who is not a Judge, this will be one of your Popular Votes. ONE popular vote.

Step 4 – Move on to the next Image

Once your rating/vote has been registered, move on to the next image.

YouTube Tutorial

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