Collaborating on Photo Processing

Critiques and comments are the typical way that we get feedback on our prints and projected images. But additional options are available.

from Dick Knudson

What about getting help from other photographers BEFORE your work goes before the judges?

  • Put a version into a sharing location and invite feedback. This allows sharing large in-work files.
    • My favorite in this category is the File > Invite feature of Photoshop. Your image is copied to the Adobe cloud and you will be prompted to invite one or more addressees to revise the image and notify you. You can see their Photoshop layers … lots of capability with this approach. (Lightroom > Develop allows you to email an image, but that approach crashes my email client due to the large file size)
    • Or put the image on your personal website, and invite comments
    • Or use Dropbox, or your favorite cloud storage (if you can tailor your access sharing), and invite comments
    • A variation of this approach is to foster a “buddy” or mentoring relationship with another member, and work together often.
  • Another option is the TPS ClubHub site.
    • You put a .jpg file of your image onto the site. Members who are enrolled on the site will see your work. They can comment on it, and can download it in order to modify and upload it as a way to provide feedback. Rules say they must delete it from their computer soon.
    • To enroll in ClubHub, go to this site
  • Members of Photographic Society of America have several options for getting feedback on images from a wide range of PSA experts. Kathy Admire is our PSA rep and knows much more about that than I do.
  • I participate in Nature Photographers Network. Lots of feedback on images here . There is an annual fee, but a free 30 day trial will let you get the feel of it.

Instagram and other such sites can give you an idea of the popular appeal of your images, but have two drawbacks, in my opinion:
1. They compress large images, reducing quality
2. They are not oriented to thoughtful feedback.

What about offering feedback after the TPS review meeting?

The Projection meetings will now have time before the meetings to “show and tell” — to show a revised image.
More info Here

I have used our ClubHub site to show the result of my revisions, based on comments and critiques at the meetings. A way to show responsiveness and appreciation to the commentators.

I have also downloaded a copy of an image from the monthly Review pages on our web site with right click > Save As, loaded it into Photoshop, and used that to illustrate feedback to the creator of the image.
This approach comes with an important caveat — ask the creator for permission before downloading. Not everybody is comfortable with their work being copied and downloaded.

If you know of other sources of feedback, please comment below.

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