Change to Society Bylaws – Approved

Thank you to our members for voting for the amendment which will enable us to collect dues on a recurring annual basis.

  • 68 Members in good standing in the Society 25% of which makes a quorum
  • there were 21 members attending the meeting which exceeds the 17 members required for the quorum
  • There were 21 votes for the amendment
  • No votes against

Motion Carried!

Next Steps

The recording secretary will make a note in the minutes of Society Meetings to record the change.

The change in the bylaws will be made as detailed in this post, which was the statement of change which was published and voted on.

With this change, we can streamline the new member signup process and the current member renewal process.

The Member Store which we currently use will go away, being replaced by a membership module.

We will continue to make the purchase of event tickets such as for the upcoming Annual Banquet available here, but with a much simpler mechanism.

Again, Thank You

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