Change to Membership Fees

At the meeting of the Board of Directors held on Monday, January 6th, 2020, it was decided to discontinue the membership discounts currently offered to Society Members. This article explains the need for change and the impact it will have on you.

Current Fee Structure

Membership in the Society is available as a Society Only Membership, or a Society Membership with Division Affiliation.

Sometime in the past, the following fee structure was created:

  • Society Only Individual Membership [$30.00]
  • Society Only Family Membership (First Two Members) [$40.00]
  • Society Only Additional Family Membership [$8.00]
  • Society Only Student Membership [$27.00]
  • Division Affiliate Individual Membership [$40.00]
  • Division Affiliate Family Membership (First Two Members) [$60.00]
  • Division Affiliate Additional Family Membership [$18.00]
  • Division Affiliate Student Membership [$18.00]

New Fee Structure

Effective with your membership renewal for the 2020/2021 year, the Board has approved streamlining this to a very simple:

  • Society Only Individual Membership [$20.00]
  • Division Affiliate Individual Membership [$40.00]

Reason for the Change

The main reason for this change is to align the Society fee schedule with the membership management component of our website. This new component will simplify a number of processes that are dependent on membership level.

  • Members renewing or purchasing a new membership – process is automatic
  • Membership expiration after 1 year – process is automatic
  • Membership level is recorded automatically by the website and retained against the member record
  • Member qualification to enter into competition is automatic

Currently it is the Treasurer’s responsibility to track membership. On receiving payment the treasurer would record the member’s level into the club bookkeeping software. Each month, a report must be generated for the Division Secretaries so that they can verify the member submitting the entry is current. A process that is not always followed.

Going forward, the website will capture the member’s level and automatically reveal the competition entry form that is appropriate for that member.

Impact to Members

Members who are Society Only Members will see their fees for individual membership reduced by $10.00.

Members of the Society who take a Family Membership at the Society Only level will now purchase two individual memberships at $20.00 each. This is the same as the $40.00 family membership option.

There are a number of families who use the family membership to reduce their entry fees. Most of these families will change such that the member who actually competes will take out a Division Affiliate Membership while the partner will take a Society Only membership. The cost of this arrangement is the same as the former Division Affiliation Family Membership of $60.00

Those families whose members both compete will now purchase two Division Affiliate memberships. This will increase your cost by $20.00 per year to your family.


The Society Bylaws define when dues are payable (June 1st of each year). The amount charged for Society Dues is not defined and left to the discretion of the Board.

Should you have issues or comments about this change in dues, feel free to make them known below or contact the Society President with your concerns.

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