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How to Close a Competition for Entry and Open it for Judging

This article describes the procedures for closing a competition for entry and opening it for judging.

Because a competition is configured with a date on which new entries stop, this is an automatic action with no intervention by an administrator required. What is required is that an administrator review the suitability of the entered images for display and marking them as active in the competition software.

Below are the steps for activating all images for display and judging.

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How to create an online competition

This article describes the procedure for creating a new photo contest. In addition to creating the contest and its container page, events must be created on the calendar. These events are usually:

  • Dates the contest is open to members for entry
  • Dates the contest is open to the Jury if it is a Division competition
  • Dates the contest is open to members for Popular Vote
  • Date and location of the meeting where the results are revealed, and images discussed.

This procedure only steps through the process of creating a contest. This procedure does not explain how to create these events.

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