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Final Results for PSA Nature competition 2018-19

The final results are in for the 3rd and final round of the PSA Nature Competition. 

Northern Lights by Doug Hall

TPS ended up 3rd of 47 clubs in Group B.  This puts us in a good position for next year.  The moment we move up to Class A the competition will be incredibly more difficult.  The competition resumes in the fall.   

Three Amigos by William Harris

Thanks to the following members for their images, representing TPS:

Sandhill Crane Family Bruce Benson
Northern LightsDoug Hall
Three AmigosWilliam Harris
FocusedJoe Tieger
November SunriseJudi Kubes
OttersSteve Russell

Old Olympia Brewery Photo Safari

Saturday, May 4, eight TPS members gathered at the Old Olympia Brewery in Tumwater for a photo experience at the historic brick buildings. Because of the deteriorating state of the buildings, we were only able to enter one of the large brick warehouse buildings, but what a treasure of photo opportunities that revealed!

The property owners were welcoming and helpful as we spent a couple of hours at the site. Everyone agreed they would definitely like to return.

PSA Interclub Competition Results – April, 2019

Round three results are now in for the PSA Projected Image Division InterClub Competition.  TPS has participated in this international competition for the last several years. 

After three rounds, TPS is 20 out of 26 clubs. This year we are competing in the top competition group, Group A. This is a very high level of competition and we should be very proud to have reached that level of competition.

One of our members, Bruce Benson, received an Award of Merit for his image Reddish Egret. Congratulations to Bruce!

I’d like to thank the following TPS members for allowing us to include their images in the third round of competition:

Bud Harris –           City Bikes

Judith Lilly –          Emilia

Kathy Admire –    Nesting in Provence

Nancy Mooney – Pemaquid Lighthouse

Dan Suckow –       Taking a Break

Bruce Benson  –    Reddish Egret

We have one more round of competition for this competition year. I have just submitted our club entry.  Results for that final round and year end results will be announced in June.

Here are the images for your enjoyment.

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Georgetown Steam Plant

TPS members met at the gate for the Georgetown Steam Plant on a beautiful sunny Saturday morning.

Once the gate opened, we stood around enjoying the sun while Steam Plant volunteers got the doors open. With the doors opened we were able to explore this old facility.

Some of the members have visited the plant before but it was my first time. As warned, it was chilly. Standing on cold concrete floors did make my bad knee ache but I stuck through for a couple of hours, enjoying the plant and taking lots of photos.

Hoping that attendees can post a few of their photos so everyone can see what can be done with their cameras at this plant. Another trip may be needed since there are so many areas to photograph.

Member Photos

Below is a gallery of photos provided by members from this field trip.

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If you are a Society Member, and have images to share, please log in to the site. Logged in Society Members will see the instructions for uploading images to the gallery – Thanks.

Results for February Print Division

The February meeting of the Projection Division was held on Thursday, February 21st, at Bates Technical College, South Campus.

Unfortunately we do not have a process, at this time, for collecting the Print Division images in digital format to display here as a gallery.

Division Competition

There were 26 prints entered into Division Competition. Top 3 places and HM as determined by popular vote. Congratulations to:

1st PlaceLazy DayDan Suckow14 Popular Votes
2nd PlaceCold DayWilliam Bud Harris12 Popular Votes
2nd PlaceOut to LunchMaria DeKoker12 Popular Votes
3rd PlaceRush HourDan Suckow9 Popular Votes
HMStarry Night at La PushTrinda Love7 Popular Votes
HMSand and SkyJudi Kubes6 Popular Votes
HMSunset SailDawn Umstot6 Popular Votes
HMDirt BathGerald Wiley6 Popular Votes

Assigned Topic

The Assigned Topic, or Theme for February is: Commonly Uncommon

There were 15 prints entered into Society Competition. Top 3 places as determined by popular vote. Congratulations to:

1st PlaceMy Paint TubesTrinda Love14 Popular Votes
2nd PlaceOlson Post CardsDouglas Hall11 Popular Votes
3rd PlaceCounter SeatingDouglas Hall8 Popular Votes

Please consult your Activity Report to see how your entries fared. A link to your Activity Report will be found at the bottom of Your Member Profile Page

Results from Round 2 of PSA Nature Competition

The results of Round 2 of PSA’s Interclub Nature Competition are in.  TPS should be very proud.  Our total score for this round was 67 – one point below placing 3rd.  The top scoring club was 70 so one can see how well we did.  TPS placed 5th out of 41 clubs in Class B.  Our overall standing is 13th in Class B – but the point totals are VERY CLOSE!

I especially want to thank Debbie Klosowski, Dick Knudson, Doug Hall, Steve Russell, Joe Tieger and Maggie Tieger for allowing us to submit their images for the second round.  A special congratulations goes to Steve Russell.  His image,  Dinner from Dad,  received an Honorable Mention.  It’s a big deal.  Competition is fierce.

Individual scores (range was 3 to 14):

  • Debbie Klosowski/Lion Cubs in Tree -10
  • Dick Knudson/American Avocet Pair -11
  • Doug Hall/Waterfall Gorge 1-12
  • Steve Russell/Dinner from Dad 13/HM
  • Joe Tieger/Ring Tailed Leumur Focused-10
  • Maggie Tieger/Sifaka Leaping  11

Round 3 images will be collected in March.  Unlike the other interclub competitions, the Nature Competition requires that photographers adhere to a restrictive Nature Definition.  We are a strong nature club, so I am confident we will continue to do well.  Images with high impact and technical excellence tend to do best in this competition.

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PSA Results: Second Round TPS PSA Interclub Competition

We have received the results from the second round of competition for the PSA Interclub Competition.  Our club has participated in this club competition for the last several years, moving  forward through various competition levels. We are currently competing in Group A which is by far the most difficult competition group.

I want to especially thank Dan Suckow, Judi Kubes, Tim Clifton, Kathy Admire, Richard Price and Maggie Tieger for allowing us to submit their images for the second competition round.  We received a round total of 63. The highest score received by any club was 73.

If you would like to see a slideshow of images that received individual awards this round, as well as during the previous round, you can go to the Projected Image Division (PID) Interclub Competition page.  Scroll down to  2018-2019 PID Interclub Results.   You do NOT need to be a PSA member to see this information.  Remember, TPS is in Group A.  While we did not receive any individual awards this round, we did receive some in the first round.  You will see a couple award winning images in the November round slide show.

This month, I will be assembling a collection of 6 images by 6 different TPS  members to submit for the March 1 round.  This is a great opportunity for us to show the collective work of our membership.

Best regards,

  Dorinda Wills, QPSA

  PSA Representative for TPS

Click on any image to view them full screen in a slide show.

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