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Round 1 PSA Open Competition Results

[Note that the captions on these images reflect how they place in TPS competition, not PSA.]

Congratulations to Sal Ahmed for receiving an Award of Merit (the highest award) for Devil’s Teeth-Norway and to Dan Suckow for receiving an Honorable Mention for Broken Flower in Round 1 of PSA’s Open Competition. 

Entries by Judi Kubes, Maria DeKoker, Trinda Love, and Bruce Severeid also contributed to TPS placing 4th out of twenty-five clubs in Group B, which is a very big deal. 

No Meeting November 19th.

There will be no meeting on Thursday, November 19th. The Northwest Council of Camera Clubs Annual Convention is being held online during this week.

Tacoma Photographic Society encourages all members to attend. Visit the NWCCC site to sign up and attend.

2020 NWCCC Virtual Conference

We will resume our normal schedule with the Projection Division Meeting on December 3rd.

Our December 17th meeting will be a Society Competition – The assigned Topic is HOLIDAY.

Online Projection Division Competitions

At our last meeting, October Online Competition #2, we talked about how we are going to change things up.

  1. The first meeting of the month, on the first Thursday of the month, will become the Projection Division Competition
  2. The second meeting, on the third Thursday, will be either an education/workshop session, or a Society sponsored theme competition.

This article will explain how the Online Projection Division Competition is going to work.

Membership Management Changes


Last year The Society voted to allow membership dues to be paid at any time during the year. The dues would cover a full year. There were several reasons for the change. The topic of this post is one of them.

In preparation for the coming year, TPS Member Accounts on our website will be migrated into our Membership Management Plugin. This plugin, Paid Membership Subscriptions, will enable you to directly manage your membership level.


This is a long post. Here are the Cliff notes. Please do read the full article.

  1. All current members will be assigned to the “Society Member” subscription level.
  2. Your “Society Member” subscription will expire after two months. Around October 1st.
  3. When the membership expires, you will no longer be able to participate in Society activities as a Member.
  4. You will be able to Upgrade, Renew, Cancel or Abandon your subscription at any time.

PSA Interclub Competition Rules For the 2020-2021 Year

PSA Interclub Competition Year Begins

The new competition year for PSA’s (Photographic Society of America) interclub competitions will begin again this fall.  TPS participates in two competitions: open and nature.  Although the primary focus of the competitions is between clubs, individual awards are also given.  Last year TPS members won a number of awards, including Best of Show for Tim Clifton (‘Beauty’).   Dan Suckow, Bud Harris, and Steve Russell also received awards. (Sorry if I missed you – let me know.)  

Olympic Kennel Club Dog Show – 2020

Olympic Kennel Club Dog Show – 2020

Olympic Kennel Club would like to officially invite The Tacoma Photographer’s Club back to shoot candid shots of our show August 12 – 16, 2020. We are excited to be able to put the show on this year but we will have some restrictions in place.
Jennifer Babb, OKC Public Relations

Images courtesy Cheryl Thielhorn

Recognizing Rank Advancement

(1) The awards by which individual service and photographic achievements are recognized shall be made at such time and place and in such manner as the Board of Directors shall approve. Awards shall be based on a member’s earned Service Points and Photographic Points. The combined total of earned Service Points and Photographic Points shall determine a member’s classification Rank, and that Rank shall serve to distinguish the member’s over-all accomplishments in this Society.

Bylaws of the Tacoma Photographic Society
Article 12, Section 1 – Definition of Rank

Stimulate Interest in Photography

The Constitution of the Tacoma Photographic Society sets our first purpose as the stimulation of an interest in photography.

Our system of member ranking and scoring makes for a competitive club. Members can choose how competitive they wish to be and are able to measure their success by their advancement. Remember, in this competition, your greatest rival is yourself.

Members who enter into competition are encouraged to improve through the feedback and critique they receive on their work, and the work of others.

Annual Competition

This year, the annual competition has been postponed. Due to the measures in place to reduce the impact of the Corona Virus, we have not been able to collect and judge prints and projected images. Our current plan is to hold the competition in the late fall. Photographic Points awarded to the winners of that competition will contribute to member standing next year.

Rank Advancement

The following members are recognized for their continued progress as photographers within the Tacoma Photographic Society. It is especially nice to recognize new members who are on this list.

Congratulations to:

Member NameRank
Dawn UmstotAssociate
Bruce SevereidFellow
Cheryl ThielhornFellow
Maggie TiegerFellow
Nancy MooneyFellow
Judith LillyStar Fellow
Trinda LoveStar Fellow
Kathy AdmireTwo-Star Fellow
Richard KnudsonThree-Star Fellow
Carla GramlichFour-Star Fellow
William (Bud) HarrisFive-Star Fellow
Richard (Charles) PriceSix-Star Fellow
Dorinda WillsEight-Star Fellow
Tim CliftonNine-Star Fellow
Dan SuckowTen-Star Fellow

Please refer to the Society Bylaws for a full list of the Society Progression Ranks.

Individual members may view their current rank and progress towards advancement on their activity report. You will find a link to your activity reports at the bottom of you Membership page.

Service Recognition for Year Ending April 30, 2020

(4) In recognition of service to the Society through the years. Service Awards shall be given to members who have accumulated a minimum of 15 Service Points, and thereafter for each increment of 15 Service Points earned. A person need not hold Division membership or have earned Photographic Points to be eligible for a Service Award.

Bylaws of the Tacoma Photographic Society
Article 12, Section 4 – Service Awards

Most Valuable Members

As Awards Chairman, I receive immense pleasure from presenting these awards. Recognizing those members who contribute the most to keeping the wheels on our Society is very satisfying. It is unfortunate that we can’t present these awards at the Society’s annual awards banquet, but we do live in interesting times.

Member NameService
Carla Gramlich15
Trinda Love15
Dorinda Wills46
Heather Mack80
Dave Scott98

A certificate of appreciation will be presented to these members.

Online Competition Meeting Recap

The Five Minute Tour

This YouTube video may answer a lot of questions.

TPS Online Competitions – the 5-minute tour

And the meeting notes.

Thanks to everyone who attended our online Zoom meeting last night. You provided me with a lot of encouragement and advice.

Most feedback was very positive saying the competition works well, and the social aspect is huge to them.


The consensus was that we should follow rules the same as we do at physical meetings for the Assigned Topic Competition. That is, depending on the number of images entered, members can only vote on so many images.

To constitute a competition there shall be a minimum of three competitors. Place winners shall be selected by popular vote. In popular-vote competition each person present shall have a minimum of one vote. Ties shall stand unbroken. Each image in a tie shall be given full credit for photographic points. At no time is a member allowed to vote for his or her own entry. The number of awards to be given and the minimum number of allowed popular votes shall be based on the number of entries, as follows; 3-5 entries: 3 votes; 6-8 entries 4 votes; 9-18 entries: 5 votes; 19-30 entries: 6 votes; 31-45 entries: 7 votes; 46-65 entries: 8 votes; over 65 entries: 9 votes.

Society Bylaws

The software does meet some of these requirements: a member can’t vote for their own image; a member can only vote for an image once.

Unfortunately, it does not allow putting a limit how many images a member can vote for.

Consensus – members on honor system

We decided that we should let members know how many votes they should cast and they will police themselves.


The competition secretary, currently the system administrator, will tabulate the votes and present them in a post at the end of the competition, in time for the review meeting.

The software provides excellent tools to download the results for analysis in Excel. Creating a Results Post as we have done for our Projection and Print competition will be no more onerous. If anything, it will be less work.

The Tools

Zoom Meeting

I think, in general, the meeting went well. As moderator, I am quite rusty. It has been some years since I last hosted a meeting in this way (retirement is great 😉)

Members unable to join

There were several members who attempted to join our meeting but couldn’t for some reason. We discussed the reasons why and it may be that they don’t have a camera or microphone on thier computer. An alternative would be to log in to the meeting on your phone and your desktop.

Zoom allows up to 100 users on a connection.

This way you would be able to participate through the small screen of your phone, while following along on the large screen of your desktop.

I would not advise investing in a webcam right now because they are scarce as toilet paper.

Why Zoom?

  • Zoom works across all platforms, Apple, Android, Windows.
  • Zoom allows up to 100 users to participate at once.
  • Normally Zoom limits free accounts to host large meetings for 40 minutes only. For the moment, they are allowing us to have longer meetings.

If you know of another online platform that offers similar features, share your thoughts in the comments below

Software works well

The plugin that we have purchased and installed is called Photo Contest WordPress Plugin.

There are a few notable shortcomings that the author has told us he is improving:

  • Only a System Admin can manage a contest – this means delegating ownership of contests is not as simple as it should be.
  • Contests must be on a WordPress Page, not a WordPress Post. – While not a huge issue, it adds to administrative overhead.
  • Users can edit and delete their images from the contest, but they are not removed from the WordPress Media Library. – Again, more administrative overhead.
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