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2022 Member Survey

Thank you for being a TPS member! Your participation and skills help all of us become better photographers! We are trying to improve the TPS experience for club members and would appreciate your comment. Feel free to check multiple options and return your survey no later than January 19.

    1. What do you like about TPS? (Check all that apply)

    2. What should TPS do differently?

    3. Can you provide ideas for increasing participation/membership?

    4. What meeting days are convenient for you (Check all that apply)

    5. What meeting start time would you prefer?

    6. Field Trips: I am interested in (Check all that apply)

    7) Education: Are you interested in Education nights held on:

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    8) How do you prefer to receive TPS news?

    Results of Round One, PSA Projected Interclub Competition

    TPS did really well in Round 1 of PSA’s (Photographic Society of America) 2021-22 Projected Interclub Division (PID) Competition. A special congratulations to Bruce Benson for receiving an Award of Merit for ‘Bobcat’. Hundreds of clubs from all over the world compete, so receiving an award is a VERY BIG DEAL! Thanks to Debbie Klosowski, Nancy Mooney, Tim Clifton, Kristina Alums, and Bud Harris for their stunning images as well. These results are from the first of three rounds in this competition year.

    Projection Division Update

    Featured Image: Ruby-throated Hummingbird by Maggie Tieger ◇ 1st Place ◇ Division ◇ September 2021

    Changes to the Division

    In these extraordinary times that we live, TPS members have not come together in a physical meeting for over eighteen months. We have been holding our meetings virtually via ZOOM, and uploading and posting our images to an online contest gallery.

    The way we have been judging and tallying the popular vote has been stretching the rules laid out in the TPS Bylaws. The work required to manage and update the Division Competitions has become quite a bit larger than it was with in person meetings.

    Change is required and changes are being made. We

    • have new leadership
    • have new rules

    Please continue reading to understand these changes.

    Print Division Update

    We’re Back

    Featured Image: Too Early by Richard Price

    Like the Washington State Fair, We Are Back!

    Our meeting on August 19th was successful with 15 entries from 8 members. You can view the results below. (click here)

    Our September meeting will again be at the Waller Road Grange, on Thursday September 16th. We look forward to seeing you there.

    Waller Road Grange

    The members and guest attending the meeting all felt that the Waller Road Grange hall is a great place for TPS to hold our Print Division meetings going forward. There is plenty of parking; the hall is large; there is a kitchen. The consensus was that the venue is a winner.

    Entry Deadlines Extended

    We understand the reluctance to commit to entering print division competitions because you may be unsure about whether you will be able to attend so, the Division has decided to extend entry deadlines up until the beginning of the meeting.

    This means you may enter your prints here on the website (open competitions) or bring your prints to the meetings. Enter and check in your prints at the same time.

    Projection Division Moves Back Online

    The COVID Swirl

    We all know the world is in an upset condition these days. Masks on – masks off – in person meetings – virtual meetings. Which way do we go?

    Our print meeting last week (August 19) proved to be successful, we thought. There were fifteen entries with nine members and one guest in attendance. A full report is forthcoming.

    So, while we would like to go back to a normal state, where all meetings are in person, and while we have a great facility at our disposal, your Board of Directors has decided that we should continue to host our Projection Division online for the next few months.

    Updates to Competition Entry Process

    As we get back into in-person meetings again, we are updating the competition process. We are making these changes because the Online Photo Contest software we have been using does not manage in person competitions. We are also streamlining the process we have used in the past to make it easier for you and for the Division Team volunteers who accept our entries and manage the events.

    Meetings and Competitions

    We hope you are enjoying our June Heat Wave.

    In Person Meetings

    Tacoma Photographic Society is planning to resume in person Print Division meetings at the Waller Road Grange Hall. The address is: 2708 64th St E, Tacoma, WA 98404 (Google Map). You can check out the site on Facebook here: Waller Road Grange | Facebook.

    The Board expects that Tacoma Photographic Society will be able to use this facility for our in-person meetings going forward. You may recall that TPS Projection Division usually meets on the First Thursday of each month, while the Print Division usually meets on the third Thursday.

    There will be NO Projection Division meetings, virtual or in person, until September. The format of that meeting is to be determined.

    We plan to hold print meetings in July and August provided there is sufficient interest from you, our members. These meetings would be Society only competitions on Thursday, July 15th, and Thursday, August 19th. Because this is a Society competition, we will not have a panel of judges score your prints. It would be Popular Vote Only.

    The board would like to know how many members would attend meetings in July and August. Please complete the questionnaire below to help us plan.

    We realize there are concerns about COVID, and we will do our best to observe the County, State and CDC requirements for in person meetings. We expect members attending our meetings to do likewise. The Waller Grange facility has plenty of space to socially distance. We will not ask about vaccination status. If you would be more comfortable wearing a mask, please do so.

      Subject: Summer TPS Meetings

      Will you attend an In-Person Society Print Competition meeting in:

      Washington State Fair Photo Salon

      Sunset at the Fair by Kathy Admire — 2nd Place – Projection – November 2020

      The entry forms for both the Northwest International Exhibition of Photography, and the Cascadia Photographers Exhibition are now available on the Washington State Fair website. You can download the entry forms from this page:

      ENTER A COMPETITION — https://www.thefair.com/get-involved/competitive-exhibits/

      Look for the dropdown section: Photo Exhibition Information

      TPS continues to do very well in PSA Competitions

      Results from Round 3 of the PSA Open and Nature Interclub Projected Image Competitions (PID) are in.  TPS is in Group B for both divisions (these determinations are based upon our scores from last year). TPS continues to do extremely well.  In the Open Division we ended up placing 10th out of 25 clubs from all over the world.  In the Nature Division we were 11th.  This marks the end of the 2020-21 competition year. Club standings are often only separated by one judges point.

      Service Points Opportunity

      I was teasing one of our senior members the other day about not entering any photos into competition. He responded by saying

      Great! I can win a boat load of photo points, but I need at least one service point to progress in rank.

      While talking to Heather about another matter, I mentioned this dilemma. We thought about it for a moment, and she suggested that anybody who creates an article for the website is deserving of a service point.

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