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TPS Education

Hello TPS members . . .

                  Recently the idea of an ‘education committee’ to spearhead photography training was suggested. I was asked to join this effort. A small group of us met a couple of weeks ago to try and get this started. We are in the infancy stages, and do not know what kind of response there may be. The goal of this effort is ‘to help members become as good of a photographer as they want to be’.

We plan on having learning sessions once a month, even during July and August. The locations will likely vary from month to month. We plan on each session being about an hour and a half long. We feel that smaller groups are best for learning and therefore will be limiting the sessions to 6 people. If there are more than 6 people interested in a session, we will schedule an additional session. Please RSVP to the emails to let us know you will be attending.

The first session will be held at Judi Kubes home in Yelm on Monday June 20th at 5:45 to 6 pm. At this first session we plan on discussing composition. There is much more to composition than I thought at first. The format will be open discussion with input from all attendees. If you have a couple of prints to bring or a thumb drive with an image or two, please bring it. Judi can plug it into her tv.

Some of the topics will be

  • the Fibonacci principle,
  • unity,
  • balance,
  • magic in the middle,
  • camera angle,
  • rule of odds,
  • isolation and
  • cropping
  • plus others.

I have heard a couple of really good wildlife/action photographers in our club say ‘my landscapes suck’. Well, I can say that about my wildlife images. Each person has different strengths, and we hope to take advantage of the strength of each one to help us all get better. We want to be pretty narrowly focused in each session to try and not cover too much material. I have printed a handout for the first session, and we may not get through all of it in one night. But we will adjust. Any suggestions you have, we want to hear them. This is a group effort. I hope some are interested in this.

Topics to (hopefully) be covered in subsequent sessions may include :

  • your camera operation,
  • first curtain sync and second curtain sync etc,
  • how to mirror images,
  • focus stacking,
  • photoshop tools (a few in each session)
  • lightroom tools,
  • topaz,
  • light painting,
  • you tube videos someone has watched and thinks can be helpful (provide link),
  • cropping
  • presentation (type of paper to print on and mat colors that work and possibly the print size),
  • night photography,
  • action photography
  • plus many other topics.

Thank you and take good care.
See you soon,  Douglas Hall

Thurston County Fair Photo Print Competition

Another Opportunity to Show your stuff!

  • Key dates
    • July 1 – July 23(4:00 pm) — Print entry period (See link below for drop off locations)
    • July 24 10:00 am — Judging in the Sokolik Building – entrants may attend judging
    • July 27-31 — On display (with Ribbons!)

Photos must be accompanied by the 2022 Open Class Photography Entry Form which you can download

Click here for the rules:

Separate Competition Class for Junior / Teen

  • For adults, Color and mono judged separately in several lots
    • People (General people pictures)
    • Portraits (Posed people pictures)
    • Domestic Animals (livestock and pets)
    • Wild Animals (includes wild and those in captivity)
    • Nature Scenics (Images of land, sky, water etc. There should be very little to no evidence of man meaning no people, buildings, bridges or anything man made.
    • Man Made Scenery. Scenic’s and vista’s that INCLUDE some form of man made object, ie building, bridge, architecture, people etc.
    • Plants and Flowers (Indoor, outdoor, arrangements, etc.)
    • Still-life and Table Top Photos (static arrangements)
    • Creative Imagery (Images heavily manipulated with a computer.  The final result must be all the photographer’s own work, including the original image(s).)
    • Miscellaneous (Photos that don’t fit in other lots)
    • Best use of the Thurston County Fair Theme “Cheers for 150 Years +1 Year!” The Theme will be a Birthday Party.
    • Macro Photography (May include true macro or very close up images.)

Open For Voting June 2022 – Online Projected Image Contest


To enter or vote for Theme Images, go to the June Theme Contest page

To enter or vote for Division Images, go to June Division Contest page

May14-21 Open for Entries
May 22-28 Voting and Judging
June 1 – Zoom meeting

Assigned Topic – Theme

May Traveling Image Salon

Hello fellow TPS members,
TPS is participating in the Northwest Council of Camera Clubs Traveling Image Salon again this year. This month we are voting on images from Puget Sound Camera Club. Follow the link below to review their images and follow the instructions on the page to vote for what you consider the best five images. After voting, an email will be sent to you to confirm your votes. Please vote by the end of May, as there will be another club to view in June.
May Voting:

Thank you for participating!
Heather Mack

June 2022 Projection Rework Show and Tell

We typically get some great feedback at our meetings, and often use that to improve an image.
If the result is substantially different, it can be submitted to a future competition.
But sometimes, the reworked image is not a whole lot different, just better and we just want to show how the feedback has been incorporated. Sorta works as a way of saying Thank You to the members who helped with comments.

If you would like your reworked image to be shown, email before and after images to Projection Team no later than the Sunday before the Projection meeting. We have only a little time for this, so first come, first served.

Projection Team.

Gene Eckhardt iPhone Photo Honored by PSA

“f/8 and Be There” is longstanding advice to photographers. With our smartphone cameras, we are out of excuses for not being there with our camera. At the May Projection competition, Gene treated us to excellent iPhone travel photographs. And this month, Photographic Society of America’s showed its enthusiasm for Gene’s work, by selecting his Bilbao Guggenheim for its Digital Dialog Showcase. Congratulations, Gene!

TPS Recognition – Photographic Points

Popular Vote and Judges’ Scores …. What’s the deal?
Briefly, the idea is to advance members in Society Rank as they accumulate Photographic Points.
Earning points is heavily weighted toward judges’ scores:

For those who have not successfully plowed through the Recognition section of the TPS booklet or the corresponding section of the Bylaws, this is an attempt to clarify how Photographic Points work. In part, this post is stimulated by the concern voiced by some members that Popular Vote Points seem over-emphasized.

June 2022 – Online Projected Image Contest


May14-21 Open for Entries
May 22-28 Voting and Judging
June 1 – Zoom meeting

To enter or vote for Theme Images, go to the June Theme Contest page

To enter or vote for Division Images, go to the June Division Contest page

Assigned Topic – Theme

Submitting Images

  • Each TPS Projection competition comprises two categories
    • Theme ( also called Assigned Topic ) is for 1 or 2 images per person that illustrate the theme for the month.
      A main purpose of “Assigned Topic” competition is to nudge photographers out of their comfort zone.
    • Division images are unrestricted — Show your stuff! —
      maximum of 2 images per person; 1 image may be designated “For Comment”.
  • Submission –
    • Max size 1.5 MB
    • Max width 1920 pixels, max height 1080 pixels
    • sRGB color space
    • File Naming — Your Name#Category# Image Title.jpg
      for example Joe Smith#Comment#White Daisy.jpg
      Joe Smith##No Comment#Red Tulip.jpg


General Guideline —

Composition (2 points) + Technique (2 Points) + Impact (1 point).
See more about these at Judging Guidelines

How to Assign Stars — click the + sign for guidelines >>>

Excellent – 5 stars. “Knocks your socks off!” Outstanding composition, Tells a complete story or creates a mood for the viewer, High Impact to the viewer. No Major weaknesses

Very Good -4 stars. Technically correct, Good composition, tells a story or creates a mood, impacts the viewer at first sight, has only one major weakness and one minor weakness.

Good ( 3 stars). Typical image quality of the club, good color for the subject and background, good pictorial treatment, technically correct, may have up to two major weaknesses.

Average (2 stars). Average as far as the general public is concerned, little impact or imagination, Does not meet TPS acceptance criteria, may have up to three major weaknesses.

Fair (1 star). A snapshot type of picture that needs improvement. The score of 6 is rarely given.

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