Bob Wills Snags 2 PSA 2nd Place Awards in Print

Kudos to Bob Wills for taking 2nd place in two different PSA competitions. You can see his and the other winners at:

Bob’s ‘Mt. Rainier’ took 2nd in the Mono Print Division

Bob’s ‘Bunratty Cottage’ took 2nd in the Star Color Division.

Kudos Bob. This is a very big deal.

Most of us are primarily familiar with the two interclub competitions we regularly enter as a club– Projected Image Division and Nature Division. However, there are many other competitions offered through PSA (Photographic Society of America). PSA has member clubs from all over the world. Especially now that we are all quarantined, what a good time to check some of these out. If you enter and place, please advise Kathy Admire, our PSA representative.

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