Assigned Topics – Themes for 2021

During each of our projection and print meetings, we show Theme of the Month images and conduct a popular vote. Members are invited to bring up to 2 images to show. We encourage you to go out and make new images specifically to show for the theme of the month rather than go through your catalog to find an image that fits.

Assigned Topics

The topic assigned to each competition is included in the meeting information on the club calendar. The following list shows the topics through the months listed:

MonthAssigned Topic
January 2021Yellow
February 2021Hot Drink
March 2021Cozy / Hot Drink
April 2021Your Weather
May 2021Bubbles
June 2021Stairs
July 2021Celebrate
August 2021Sleep
September 2021Forms in Nature
October 2021Handwriting
November 2021Friends
December 2021Choice

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