A Call for Images

There is an issue

This website is growing. More pages are added providing more information to our members.

While the site has lots of words, I don’t think there is enough eye candy relevant to the words.

It would be nice to have some graphics that represent Projection or Print Division events that are more closely aligned with Tacoma Photographic.

We should have images parading across the top of our pages featuring the work of any and all of our members.

For example, look at the new page About Competitions. The page explains what is under Competition on the main menu. Click on Competition, and you will arrive at About Competitions.

OK, so we can put feature images and Sliders at the top of pages like About Competitions.

What’s a slider? A slider is web speak for a slide show. The one on the front page is an example.

I envision a slider with each slide representing a corresponding item in the menu. The slide would link to the menu item. Competition Results, for example might be represented by an archery target – how close did I score is the question being answered.

A Challenge

My challenge is for members to submit images for the site which we may use for this and other purposes on this website.

Because this challenge is not a competition, I would encourage you to watermark (discretely) your images so you receive credit for your work from the viewers.

Below is a form, open to members only, where you may enter an image for this challenge.

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