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June 2020

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  • Changes to Membership Subscription Billing
  • Online Competition Results

Other Quick News:

The Olympic Kennel Club has decided to cancel its 76th annual dog show. Like the Washington State Faire, it has fallen victim to the Corona Virus.

We have now hosted four online competitions on this site. These along with the online image review meeting have become extremely popular.
You can enter the next one any time before midnight, Saturday.
The competition page is HERE

Membership Management Changes


Last year The Society voted to allow membership dues to be paid at any time during the year. The dues would cover a full year. There were several reasons for the change. The topic of this post is one of them.

In preparation for the coming year, TPS Member Accounts on our website will be migrated into our Membership Management Plugin. This plugin, Paid Membership Subscriptions, will enable you to directly manage your membership level.


This is a long post. Here are the Cliff notes. Please do read the full article.
  1. All current members will be assigned to the "Society Member" subscription level.
  2. Your "Society Member" subscription will expire after two months. Around October 1st.
  3. When the membership expires, you will no longer be able to participate in Society activities as a Member.
  4. You will be able to Upgrade, Renew, Cancel or Abandon your subscription at any time.
Read the full post...

Results: Second Online Competition of July

The results for the Second Online Competition of July are now available

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Results: Second Online Competition of July

Results: First July Online Competition

The results for the July 01, 2020 Online Competition are now available

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Results: First July Online Competition

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