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November 21, 2020

Some good news & some not so good news...
Dan is out of the hospital.
Dan's condition continues to deteriorate.

Below is a link to a post I have put up on our website. Dan's daughter, Mysti sent out an email which is fairly long, and I have appended a gallery of Dan's work at the end.

Please give Dan a moment in your thoughts.
Dave Scott

A Tribute to Dan Suckow

A Tribute to Dan Suckow
2020 will go down as a bummer of a year (yes, my age is showing.)

The constant on again - off again lockdowns. The tone of the election (left or right, you have to agree it was terrible.) And on top of that, the loss of those we love. For me, my older brother who passed yesterday (cancer), and now Dan Suckow; a member of the Society who is so passionate about all things photographic.

Dan's Condition

Let me start by letting his family update you on his condition. The following message was forwarded to me to share with you.

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