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November 8, 2020

No Meeting November 19th.

There will be no meeting on Thursday, November 19th. The Northwest Council of Camera Clubs Annual Convention is being held online during this week.

Tacoma Photographic Society encourages all members to attend. Visit the NWCCC site to sign up and attend.

2020 NWCCC Virtual Conference

We will resume our normal schedule with the Projection Division Meeting on December 3rd.

Our December 17th meeting will be a Society Competition - The assigned Topic is HOLIDAY.

Results: November 2020, Projection Division

Results: November 2020, Projection Division
The results for the November Projection Division Competition are now available

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About Color Space or Profiles

About Color Space or Profiles
This article was originally posted to Dave Scott's website, Northwest Moments.

Frequently, in our photo competitions at the Tacoma Photographic Society, makers have comments like "My image was brighter on my screen at home."

99.9% of the time the issue is likely caused by the maker exporting the image to an incorrect color space or color profile.

If you are exporting an image to be displayed on a website, it is absolutely critical that you choose the correct color space.

There is only one: sRGB.
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Dave Scott

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