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April 2020

In this issue...

  • Communications and Mailing Lists
  • Online Competitions
  • New Calendar

Communications and Mailing Lists

These newsletters originate from our website. They help to fulfil our purpose as to stimulate interest in photography.
Unfortunately, emails originating from a website have a bad reputation. It's a really easy way for spammers to send us the stuff that they do.

To improve the chances of this email reaching every subscriber's inbox, we use a sending service. Our sending service requires that all subscribers confirm that they really do want to receive our emails. This would be why you recently received a request to confirm your subscription.

Thanks for doing that.
Members might want to check their profile to ensure they are on our other lists also. You can do that on the My Membership Page, or Our Mailing Lists Page

Online Competitions

We sent out a newsletter last week about Online Competitions. Unfortunately, most of our members had not confirmed their emails at that time. Our Bad.

Let's try again...

There is a photo competition scheduled to open on Sunday, April 26. The rules are posted on this page. May Online Competition.
It will be open for entry until Saturday, May 2nd. Voting begins on Sunday, the third, closing on Wednesday, May 6. On Thursday, Dave Scott will host an Online Meeting (can you Zoom?) where we can discuss the images and the venue.
He will also host a meeting on Wednesday, April 29th to demonstrate this and other features of the website.

Meeting Details

Meeting codes and passwords will be sent out the day before the meetings to those who subscribe to the Meetings and Competitions Announcements list. If you aren't sure, check your Membership Page or just complete the form and tick the box on Our Mailing Lists.

New Calendar

If you have been poking about the website in your free time, you may have noticed the format of the calendar has changed. We have implemented a different plugin because it has way more features. More features means more learning so the presentation will change - especially if you give us some feedback on April 29th.

Members can create events

One of the cool features is that we can enable members to create an event. If you are logged in to the site, your will see a new menu item below the Calendar; Add an Event.
We are really excited about this feature because it means you can announce you are heading up to Paradise by putting it on the Calendar. New events are published to a mailing list, Field Trip and Workshop Announcements

We are still learning this new tool, so bear with us. We will have more to report next month.

Stay Safe - Stay Healthy - Keep Shooting