2022 Member Survey

Thank you for being a TPS member! Your participation and skills help all of us become better photographers! We are trying to improve the TPS experience for club members and would appreciate your comment. Feel free to check multiple options and return your survey no later than January 19.

    1. What do you like about TPS? (Check all that apply)

    2. What should TPS do differently?

    3. Can you provide ideas for increasing participation/membership?

    4. What meeting days are convenient for you (Check all that apply)

    5. What meeting start time would you prefer?

    6. Field Trips: I am interested in (Check all that apply)

    7) Education: Are you interested in Education nights held on:

    What topics would interest you?

    I am willing to organize/present the following topic(s):

    8) How do you prefer to receive TPS news?

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