2021 Year In Review – Just for Fun

Some of your images and prints just need to be shown again. Here is your chance!

Show off 3 of your favorites images from 2021. They can be images shown to TPS, or images that have been shown elsewhere or published during 2021
— At the Fair, Regional exhibit, Instagram, Magazine, or On the wall in your house

Click here to go to the 2021 Year In Review

Open for Entries: Thursday December 30 through January 31st
Just Upload it, like you do for the Projection Competition.
In the Description block for the image that you upload, tell why this is one of your favorites.
We will try to get your images past the “Accepted” gate right away, but it might be a day after you enter it.
Once accepted, it will appear in the Gallery and can be Voted On / Liked.

Voting : Thursday December 30 through Saturday January 31st
“Voting” is just a way to show Likes. Vote once for as many images as you want.
Just click on the image to bring up the larger image, the maker’s description of it, and the Like button (heart)
Vote once per image, between December 30th and January 31st

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