2019 Service Recognition

It is the end of the fiscal year for the Society. June 1st marks the beginning of the new year.

As you can imagine, it takes a lot of effort to keep this Society on the rails. Without the contributions of our members we would not be able to host the Spring Fair, support the Fall Fair, or run the many photo safaris and workshops we provide to our members. Oh and let’s not forget the monthly projection and print meetings.

We pay our members well. You can see the scale in the Society Bylaws. Suffice it to say, service to the Society is not pointless.

Award Winners

15 or More Service Points

Richard Knudson15 Points
Bruce Carpenter18 Points

30 or More Service Points

Bob Wills30 Points
Larry Maddox32 Points
Richard Thomas33 Points

45 or More Service Points

Bob Klavano46 Points
Tim Clifton46 Points
Dan Suckow48 Points

70 or More Service Points

Heather Mack72 Points
Dave Scott89 Points

Way over the top Service Points

Alan Caddey317 Points

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