2019 Rank Progression

If you don’t have metrics, how do you know you are getting better?

The Tacoma Photographic Society has developed a system of scoring member’s work using the competition judging scores and the popular vote scores. The formulas for this scoring are defined in the Society Bylaws.

I would venture to guess that Article 12 of the Bylaws is probably half of the document.

Member ranking, Division Grade, Service Points and similar data are posted on your activity report which can be found on your My Membership Page

Rank Advancement to Associate

Bruce SevereidDebbie KlosowskiJoe Tieger
Nancy MooneySteve Russell

Rank Advancement to Fellow

David PicklesJudith LillyLarry Maddox
Trinda Love

Rank Advancement to Star Fellow

Kathy Admire

Rank Advancement to Two-Star Fellow

Judi KubesRichard Knudson

Rank Advancement to Three-Star Fellow

Bruce BensonBruce CarpenterMaria DeKoker

Rank Advancement to Four-Star Fellow

William (Bud) Harris

Rank Advancement to Five-Star Fellow

Richard (Charles) Price

Rank Advancement to Seven-Star Fellow

Dorinda WillsDave Scott

Rank Advancement to Eight-Star Fellow

Tim Clifton

Rank Advancement to Nine-Star Fellow

Dan Suckow

Rank Advancement to Four-Star Galaxy

Douglas Hall

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