September News

It is still September… Right?

Ah – just saw the calendar. September 7.

Summer is drawing to a close. Our Projection meeting was this past Thursday, and I did have a Print meeting entry post scheduled. So many things have been going on this past August, I’m having trouble keeping up.

Let’s do this back to front.

Projection Meeting

I will be working on the results for September and posting them shortly.

I do want to apologize for the few glitches we ran into. The lack of an internet connection compounded one of them.

Our computers are left in their cases in July and August. This means any software updates don’t get applied until the day before the meeting. Part of the meeting prep is to turn them on and force them to update. I did this for both computers, remembering to update the Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop software on the one machine. I totally spaced on any Excel Updates for the secretary. I had to connect it to the Internet with my phone HotSpot in order to get the license reapplied. Arg!

Thank you to the projection team for getting the entries processed, and Judith Lilly of picking up the projectionist role. And thank you to you, our members for your understanding and support.

Puyallup Washington State Fair

The 2019 edition of The Fair is in full swing. It opened on August 30th and will run through September 21st. Bruce Carpenter, Richard Thomas and I have been working the Photo Salon.

It is with great pride and pleasure that I can report that our club members have done very well with their entries. Bruce Carpenter, Dan Suckow, Bruce Benson, Bruce Severeid, Kathy Admire, and Bud Harris, to name a few, have images on display. No mean feat when you consider that the images must score in the top 25 to 30 percent to be selected.

Great Job Guys!

If you have an opportunity, please take the time to visit the Salon. Bring your camera as there are plenty of opportunities to capture fair sights, people shots, and photojournalistic stuff.

Besides – it’s fun!

Olympic Kennel Club Dog Show

If you don’t know by now, TPS members attended the 75th Annual Olympic Kennel Club Dog Show at the Enumclaw Expo Event Center in August.

To give you an idea of scale, the show opens on a Wednesday and runs through Sunday. On Saturday and Sunday, there were over 2000 dogs scheduled for events such as Conformation, Obedience, Rally Obedience, Barn Hunt, Agility, Dock Diving, Lure Coursing, and Disk Dogs.

A world record distance for Dock Diving was set by Sounders, a Whippet who leaped over 35 feet on one trial (Image by Cheryl Thielhorn)

We approached the OKC for permission to attend and photograph some of the events. Not only did OKC say yes, but they also provided us with full access to the site; fitting us out with ID Badges and all.

Jump over to the post to find more information and member photo gallery

A big thank you goes to Jennifer Babb, the OKC Public Relations Chair and all members of the OKC. It was a great show and we had fun. (Jennifer tells me they are looking for members.)

Other Summer Events

Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire

Because of my involvement in the Fair Photo Salon, I was not able to lead the outing to the annual Midsummer Renaissance Faire. This happens the first 3 weekends in August every year in Bonney Lake.

I hope some of our members were able to go. It is fun, and the costumes are great.

Mt. Rainier Photo Outing

Bruce Servereid led an early (can you say 3:00 am) expedition to Reflection Lake in Mt Rainier to capture the sunrise. They then went on to shoot wildflowers.

Scavenger Hunt

Thanks to Carla Gramlic for hosting the Scavenger Hunt in July. Check the post here for an image gallery

(photo by Rick Redd)

Looking Forward

Billy Frank Jr Nisqually NWR

Kathy Admire is leading a Photo Safari to the Billy Frank Jr Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge on September 21st. – full details on the calendar.

Print Meeting

Our regular Print Division meeting for September happens on the 19th. Assigned Topic is Americana. Entries are now being accepted through this post. – Remember you must be logged in to view the entry form.

Projection Meeting

The October Projection meeting is on the 3rd. The Assigned Topic for October is FOOD. The entries will be accepted from Saturday, Sept 21st through Monday, Sept 30th.

Board Meeting

The Board of Directors met on Monday, Sept 7th. There was discussion around the December Holiday Social, and the Annual Awards Banquet in June. Because of issues with the venues, we are exploring new options including having the events in the afternoon. More details to come.

December Holiday Social

Save the date – Saturday, December 7th. – Location yet to be determined.

Annual Awards Banquet

Save the date – Saturday, May 18th. – Probably Emerald Queen Casino BUT will be in the afternoon so there will be no competition with the Rock Band in the next room.

Help Wanted

I would appreciate a member or two stepping up to help me manage this site. To start with, I need a proofreader to review our posts. It would be better to learn about my goofs before they are published. If you are interested, please contact me at the next meeting.

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