Welcome to our new site

Happy new year!

And what better way to ring in the new year than to change up our on line presence.

WordPress replaces Joomla

Not that most people would really care, but WordPress has pretty much run away from the pack of systems that we could use to host our site. Joomla is probably second, but it is falling behind with all of the others.

Why the change? Because there is more support for WordPress today. Back in the day when the TPS Site was first launched, WordPress was pretty much a simple blogging platform. If you wanted to do galleries and other complicated stuff, it didn’t have the capability. Joomla did however, so that is the way we went. Over a decade later, WordPress has been upgraded and tweaked to a point that it provides the functionality we need, while being easier to manage.

The Features

So… what is the functionality we want?


WordPress still has its blogging roots. You can find our news feed in the menu. It will be filling with announcements about all of our activities and recognitions.

Static Content

We need to be able to display information that doesn’t change very much if at all. This is static content. You will find a lot of this in the ABOUT menu. Society Constitution and Bylaws as well as other membership information.

Event Calendar

We host regular meetings and competitions along with irregular seminars, workshops and field trips. For this we need a CALENDAR. Click on this menu item and you will see a calendar grid will all of our scheduled events posted. The Division Meetings and Division Competitions are broken out as sub-items below the main calendar.


We want to show off our members work. Under the COMPETITION item, you will find not only the rules for our division competitions, but Galleries that display the top images from these events.

Spring Fair

We have one place holder on the menu for the premier event of our year, the Spring Fair which is held in April of every year at the Washington State Fairgrounds in Puyallup. Tacoma Photographic hosts the Competition and Print Salon. As we get closer to the event, we will be filling out this menu item with details.

More to Come

This article is intended to give you a quick, high level overview of the site. We will be be delving deeper into each area over the next few days as we move forward.

First thing on the list is membership – how to become a member – the different levels of membership – how to use your membership.

Next, once you have registered and become comfortable with your membership, we will be showing you how to upload images to competitions through this site. This is a fairly complicated process below the surface, which we think you need to understand well enough to appreciate the constraints we work under.

Happy New Year