During each of our projection and print meetings we show Theme of the Month images and conduct a popular vote.  Members are invited to bring up to 2 images to show.  We encourage you to go out and make new images specifically to show for the theme of the month rather than go through your catalog to find an image that fits.


• Sept      Abandoned Buildings:

Images of barns, sheds, factories, houses, etc. that are no longer in use.

• Oct       A Path or Road:  

Images containing paths and roads of all sizes,  dirt tracks winding through the forest or park, up roads highways and freeways.

• Nov       Dramatic Skies:  

Images of sunsets, stormy clouds, or other drama found in the sky. 

• Dec       Silhouettes:

Images containing outlines,contoursprofilesformsshapesfiguresshadows that are usually dark and lacking in detail.

• Jan       Eyes:  

Images where eyes are the subject.

• Feb      Railroads, trains, tracks: 

Images having anything to do with railroads, including tracks, engine , trains, and railroad equipment.

• March  Abstracts:  

Images that don't represent reality, but use shapes, colours, forms and gestural marks to achieve an effect.

• April     Bridge(s):  

Images where a bridge is a major component or the main theme.  

• May      Bokeh or Beautiful Blur:  

Images containing that visual quality of how the lens renders points of light in the out of focus parts of an image with a shallow depth of field.

• June    Waterfalls:  

Images of waterfalls of any size.