2012-13 Gallery

The following are images that received the most popular votes at our monthly competiton.


"Avocet at Sunset" by Dan Suckow "Theater District Station" by Victor Dallons "Seattle Starscape" by Victor Dallons "Radiation" by Victor Dallons "Last Light Around Seattle" by Victor Dallons "Light Shower" by Dan Suckow "Departure" by Dan Suckow "Begonia" by Dan Suckow "Arrival" by Dan Suckow "Mazama Morning" by Tim-Clifton "Not in Florida anymore" by Tim Clifton "Ascend to the Light" by Tim Clifton "Pink Lady" by Stan Braaten "Rainier Clouds" by Stan Braaten "Virgin River" by Dan Suckow "Pocket Watch" by Stan Braaten "Dune Ridges" by Doug Hall "Sprague Barn" by Doug Hall "Before Sunrise" by Victor Dallons "Flying High" by Dan Suckow "MacGregor Mt. Silhouette" by Richard Young "Heading for Home" by Stan Braaten "Roy Rodeo" by John Pfaffe "Bearly Wet" by Bruce Benson "Sounders v. Seattle" by Bruce Benson "The Tosser" by Bruce Benson "After the Storm" by Dan Suckow "Blue Mountain Curves" by Dan Suckow "City Tree by Moonlight" by Victor Dallons "Harris's Hawk" by Bruce Benson "Jockey" by Dan Suckow "Lilac Breasted Roller" by Bruce Benson "Mt Rainier with Moon" by Stan Braaten "Not so Blue Moon" by Stan Braaten "Pt Defiance Dahlia" by Victor Dallons "Spirit in Moonlight" by Tony Diaz "Tacoma Bridge" by Stan Braaten "Urban Moon" by Stan Braaten "Valdez Dock by Moonrise" by Sal Ahmed "Wavy Building" by Christy Strand "Chevrolet" by Christy Strand "After the Rain" by Rich Young "Bejeweled Rose Red" by Dave Scott "Bellingham Harbor" by Victor Dallons "Fall Garden" by Dan Suckow "Fast Food" by Bruce Benson "Hot!" by Victor Dallons "I am ruggedly handsome...!" by Dorinda Wills "Leanin" by Dan Suckow "Mallard Refection" by Richard Young "Moonstone Beach" by Dan Suckow "Morning Frost" by Dan Suckow "Night in Arches" by Doug Hall "Quiet Waters" by Dorinda Wills "Red" by Rich Young "Reflections at LeMay" by Dan Suckow "Sandhill Crane" by Bruce Benson "South Falls" by James Martinson "Tied up for Dinner" by Rich Young "Basking in the Glow" by Tim Clifton "Before The Storm" by Dan Suckow "EMP Folds" by Victor Dallons "Chrysanthemum" by Dorinda Wills "Fighters" by Dan Suckow "Blue Hydrangea" by Dorinda Wills "Gotcha" by Bruce Carpenter "San Francisco  Then and Now" by Sal Ahmed "Ship Yard" by Sal Ahmed "Star Trails at Double Arch" by Doug Hall "Land of Castles" by Virginia Connors "After the Snow" by Dan Suckow "Deep Freeze" by Virginia Connors "Good Morning Seattle" by Steve Brons "Orion" by Charles Price "The Amigos" by Bruce Benson "The Honey Pot" by Dorinda Wills "Designs in Red" by Doug Hall "Night Ascent" by Victor Dallons "Nyholm_Windmill" by Victor Dallons "Snake Snatcher" by Rich Young "Standing Tall" by Dan Suckow0 "Fox in nice Light" by Bruce Benson