September   Monochrome landscapes  Landscapes, ocean-scapes, or city-scapes presented in shades of a single color
October  Silhouette  An image of a person, shape, or thing as a solid color, usually black,  against a lighter background
November  Local subjects  In my back yard, neighborhood, town.  Look for interesting subjects as close to home as possible, in your own yard, neighborhood, or town.
December  Water Images about water: its uses, power, beauty, shapes, color, impact, etc.
January Abstract Images that rely on form, color, and curves to present a non-literal, emotional interpretation of the subject.
February Dilapidated houses and barns Any old structure that is decaying or falling down.
March People at Work Anyone at work, regardless of the setting.
April Curves, Lines, and Shapes Prominent use of curves, lines, and/or shapes in your image's composition
May Flowers Fields of flowers, arrangements, small groupings, single, close-ups, or macros.
June Texture Make the texture of objects or the scene a key component of your image.