Photography Workshops

Palouse Workshop

Thanks to those hardy souls that withstood late nights, and very, very, early mornings to take part in the Palouse outing.  Special thanks to Dan for organizing the trip, and Victor for the maps and documentation.  It is great to see the variety of images and personal interpretations.  Not all photographers will concentrate on or see the same scenes.  This collection of images shows the variety in the locale as well as the variety of personal views of a wonderful photographic area.  Thanks again for making the trip a great success.


Yellow Headed Blackbird white building Vanishing stairs-Recovered Three trees Jim, Victor and Tim The Dirt Road . Sunset Overlook steptoe-sunset-by-James-Martinson Snacking Lama sDS24411 100 dpi sDS24105 100dpi sDS23968 100dpi sDS23643 100dpi sDS23615 100dpi sDS23575 100dpi sDS23259 100dpi sDS23197 100dpi sDS23012 100dpi sDS22948 100dpi s-Panorama Round Roof Barn Pond in IR Playing in pastels Plasma fusion Photographing the Palouse Patterns in Green palouse-white-tail-by-James-Martinson palouse-sunset-by-James-Martinson palouse-lines-by-James-Martinson palouse-bridge-by-James-Martinson Palouse Shadows Palouse Falls Palouse Evening Palouse Designs Palouse - Wheels at Artisan Barn - sized for Dan Palouse - Victor's 'Portrait' copy - sized for Dan Palouse - Tripod Salute - sized for Dan Palouse - Root Cellar - sized for Dan Palouse - Lonely Old Home on the Prairie - sized for Dan Palouse - Grainery at Artisan Barn - sized for Dan Palouse - Doug Hall 'Portrait' - sized for Dan Palouse - Discards copy - sized for Dan Palouse - Dan Suckow 'Portrait' - sized for Dan Palouse - 'Open House' - sized for Dan Old Barn New Day No one home Nature's spotlights morning-shooter by James Martinson Knotty insulator In the window IMG_9965-Edit IMG_9933_HDR IMG_8925_HDR IMG_0609_HDR-Edit IMG_0572_HDR IMG_0524-Edit-Edit(1) IMG_0524-Edit-Edit IMG_0116-Edit-Edit IMG_0097-Edit-Edit-Edit IMG_0072-Edit-2 IMG_0059-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit IMG_0058-Edit IMG_0026_HDR-Edit Hudson Green Grain elevator 2 Geared Up From Steptoe Flowing rapids crop-duster by James Martinson Country Road clouded-barn-by-James-Martinson Center of Attention Bricks Backlit School House Age lines -I've-got-to-get-wheels-for-this--by-James-Martinson

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