The 2015 Spring Fair Photo Contest, sponsored by Tacoma Photographic Society was exhibited during the Spring Fair at the State Fair Grounds in Puyallup, Washington April 16th through 19th

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'Hello' by Bruce Carpenter
'Hello' by Bruce Carpenter
  • 'Hello' by Bruce Carpenter
  • 'Perspective' by Scott Eliot
  • 'Graffiti Alley' by Victor Dallons
  • 'Passage to Lake Louise' by Scott D. Eliot
  • 'Midwinter Nights Dream' by Dan Suckow
  • 'Autumn Glow' by Susie Parrent
  • 'Snowy Owl' by Bob Klavano
  • 'It's a Buick' by Dorinda Wills
  • 'Painted Faces' by Lyn McNees
  • 'Hot Work' by Bruce Carpenter
  • 'Girl with Camera' by Stan Braaten
  • 'Grave Creek Covered Bridge' by Carla Gramlich
  • 'Masked Bandits' by Dave Drake
  • 'Deep Thought' by Dan Suckow
  • 'Snowy Pier' by William Harris
  • 'Mount Baker' by Michael Diegel
  • 'The Great Wheel' by Michael Diegel
  • 'Point Reyers' by Dorinda Wills
  • 'Moon over Seattle' by Stan Braaten
  • 'Storm at the Train Station' by Jim Grasley
  • 'Titlow Sunset' by David Pickles
  • 'Sound Mind, Clouded Version' by Mark Rehberg
  • 'Fall Morning Walk' by Dan Suckow
  • 'Party Boat' by Bruce Carpenter
  • 'Peachy Keen' by Stan Braaten
  • 'Work Bench' by David Wimbles
  • 'Prison Boat' by William Harris
  • 'Out Tide' by William Harris
  • 'Refreshing View' by Barbara Retelle
  • 'Abandoned Powerhouse' by Lyn McNees