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Spring Fair Photo Contest

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Enter your photos NOW through April 9th, 2015

Photos will be exhibited at the Spring Fair April 16th - 19th

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TPS Abstract Workshop

jewel-Roberta Marshall
jewel-Roberta Marshall
  • jewel-Roberta Marshall
  • FIREBUG-Larry Krackle
  • HMack_Abstract01
  • HMack_Abstract02
  • HMack_Abstract03
  • Brick Illusion-MRadiske
  • Mirror 3-TClifton
  • Thanks to all who took part in the Abstract Workshop and helped make the Christmas sale successful.  We hope everyone had a good time, and thank you for sharing some of your results.

    Dayton and Doug

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    October Outing-Fall Colors

  • Dave and Libby by VDallons
  • Fishing by VDallons
  • Flat Water by Stephen Brons
  • HMack_Fall_Color_01
  • HMack_Fall_Color_02
  • HMack_Fall_Color_03
  • Jennelle by VDallons
  • Jolanda Lake by VDallons
  • Nason Creek 2 by VDallons
  • Nason Creek by VDallons
  • Snohomish River by VDallons
  • Steve on Nason Creek by VDallons
  • Trees-and-Water-by Doug Sala
  • Victor 1 by Stephen Brons
  • Victor by Stephen Brons
  • water-water-by Doug Sala
  • Thanks to all who took part in the October TPS outing to photograph fall colors along HY 2 as it crosses the Cascades.  We had some good weather, considering that it could have rained all weekend.  I hope everyone had a good time and learned about some new places to photograph.  Thanks to to those who submitted photos for sharing, we all see something different when at the same places.   Victor

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    April TPS Outing-Skagit Valley

  • Tulips01-LHegstad
  • Tulips02-LHegstad
  • Tulips03-LHegstad
  • Apricot-Harmon
  • Dan_01
  • Dan_02
  • Dan_03
  • Dan_04
  • Dan_05
  • Dan_06
  • Dan_07
  • Dynasty-Harmon
  • HMack_SkagitTulips01
  • HMack_SkagitTulips02
  • Mt Hood-Harmon
  • Parrot-Harmon
  • red and blue-TClifton
  • Tulips & bus-TClifton
  • Wooden Shoe-Harmon
  • WoodenShoe-Harmon
  • J 4 Another season-Tim Clifton
  • Thanks to all who took part in the April TPS outing to the Skagit River Valley. I hope everyone had a good time, and thank you for sharing some of your results. TPS member Al Harmon contributed his photosfrom Oregon, taken the same weekend.

    Tim and Heather

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    TPS November 2014 Outing

  • Horsetail_Falls_by_SBraaten
  • Horsetail_Falls_2_by_VDallons
  • Horsetail_Waterfalls_in_winterstorm_by_SAhmed
  • Latourell_Falls_by_CPrice
  • Latrell_Falls_by_RAffholter
  • Multnoma_Falls_by_RAffholter
  • Multnomah_Falls_by_VDallons
  • Multnomah_Falls_by_CPrice
  • Multnomah_Falls_by_SBraaten
  • The Romantic_Moment_Above_The_Multnomah_Falls_by_SAhmed
  • Cascade_by_CPrice
  • Frozen_Leaves_by_CPrice
  • God's_Creation_Sal's_Vision_by_SAhmed
  • 'Horsetail Falls 1'  by Victor Dallons
  • Thanks to all who took part in the Columbia Gorge outing. I hope everyone had a good time, and thank you for sharing some of your results. You can see more on Flickr at  https://www.flickr.com/photos/tacomaphoto/sets/72157647242188534/


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    13th Spring Fair Photo Contest Results


    'Hello' by Bruce Carpenter
    'Hello' by Bruce Carpenter
  • 'Hello' by Bruce Carpenter
  • 'Perspective' by Scott Eliot
  • 'Graffiti Alley' by Victor Dallons
  • 'Passage to Lake Louise' by Scott D. Eliot
  • 'Midwinter Nights Dream' by Dan Suckow
  • 'Autumn Glow' by Susie Parrent
  • 'Snowy Owl' by Bob Klavano
  • 'It's a Buick' by Dorinda Wills
  • 'Painted Faces' by Lyn McNees
  • 'Hot Work' by Bruce Carpenter
  • 'Girl with Camera' by Stan Braaten
  • 'Grave Creek Covered Bridge' by Carla Gramlich
  • 'Masked Bandits' by Dave Drake
  • 'Deep Thought' by Dan Suckow
  • 'Snowy Pier' by William Harris
  • 'Mount Baker' by Michael Diegel
  • 'The Great Wheel' by Michael Diegel
  • 'Point Reyers' by Dorinda Wills
  • 'Moon over Seattle' by Stan Braaten
  • 'Storm at the Train Station' by Jim Grasley
  • 'Titlow Sunset' by David Pickles
  • 'Sound Mind, Clouded Version' by Mark Rehberg
  • 'Fall Morning Walk' by Dan Suckow
  • 'Party Boat' by Bruce Carpenter
  • 'Peachy Keen' by Stan Braaten
  • 'Work Bench' by David Wimbles
  • 'Prison Boat' by William Harris
  • 'Out Tide' by William Harris
  • 'Refreshing View' by Barbara Retelle
  • 'Abandoned Powerhouse' by Lyn McNees
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    Ferry Terminal Outing

    Guardian - VDallons
    Guardian - VDallons
  • Line - VDallons
  • Masts - VDallons
  • Weights - VDallons
  • yacht-SBrons
  • Apparition  - VDallons
  • HMack_Fishermens02
  • Guardian - VDallons
  • Hydraulics - VDallons
  •  Thanks to all who took part in the Seattle ferry terminal outing in February. I hope everyone had a good time, and thank you for sharing some of your results.


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    LeMay Family Museum-March Outing

    lemay fam 013 a-Bob Hagen
    lemay fam 013 a-Bob Hagen
  • 1940 Army Truck-Bob Wills
  • Bracket-Tim Clifton
  • Buick-Bob Wills
  • Dragon-Bob Wills
  • Fire Hoses-Dorinda Wills
  • glass art- Tim Clifton
  • Hahn- Dorinda Wills
  • lemay fam 013 a-Bob Hagen
  • lemay fam 028a- Bob Hagen
  • Nobility- Tim Clifton
  • Number 7- Dorinda Wills
  • Pierce Arrow- Dorinda Wills
  • rusty latch-Tim Clifton
  • S horn- Tim Clifton
  • Sunoco Oil- Bob Wills
  • Town and Country tunes- Tim Clifton
  • Steve-Brons-3
  • tunderbird-Steve Brons
  • indian-Steve Brons
  • Lemay Armleder Truck - D Pickles
  • LeMay Buick- D Pickles
  • LeMay Delivery Truck-D Pickles
  • LeMay Dump Truck-D Pickles
  • LeMay Eagle Hood Ornament-D Pickles
  • LeMay Impala Seat-D Pickles
  • LeMay Orange Wheel-D Pickles
  • LeMay Packard Door Handles-D Pickles
  • LeMay Red & Yellow-D Pickles
  • LeMayMustang Interior-D Pickles
  • LeMayTaxi Luggage Rack-D Pickles
  • LeMayVictory-D Pickles
  • Civil Defence by VDallons
  • Green Hood by VDallons
  • Junker by VDallons
  • Studebaker by VDallons
  • Thanks to all who took part in the March TPS outing to LeMay Family Museum. I hope everyone had a good time, and thank you for sharing some of your results.

    Dorinda Wills

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