If you know of another Photographic Event in the Northwest, please contact Bob Wills so he can add it to this list.


The 2016 Spring Fair Photo Contest, sponsored by Tacoma Photographic Society was exhibited during the Spring Fair at the State Fair Grounds in Puyallup, Washington April 14th through 17th

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  • Horsetail_Falls_by_SBraaten
  • Horsetail_Falls_2_by_VDallons
  • Horsetail_Waterfalls_in_winterstorm_by_SAhmed
  • Latourell_Falls_by_CPrice
  • Latrell_Falls_by_RAffholter
  • Multnoma_Falls_by_RAffholter
  • Multnomah_Falls_by_VDallons
  • Multnomah_Falls_by_CPrice
  • Multnomah_Falls_by_SBraaten
  • The Romantic_Moment_Above_The_Multnomah_Falls_by_SAhmed
  • Cascade_by_CPrice
  • Frozen_Leaves_by_CPrice
  • God's_Creation_Sal's_Vision_by_SAhmed
  • 'Horsetail Falls 1'  by Victor Dallons
  • Thanks to all who took part in the Columbia Gorge outing. I hope everyone had a good time, and thank you for sharing some of your results. You can see more on Flickr at  https://www.flickr.com/photos/tacomaphoto/sets/72157647242188534/


    For the third year, TPS is participating in the year long PSA Projected Image Division Inter Club Competition. Last year, after four rounds of competition, TPS finished in Third Place in it's group. Several of our members received individual awards as well. This year, TPS has been advanced to Group B. This group includes clubs from the US and Canada, as well as from Ireland, England and Belgium. The results of the first competition round are now in. TPS is currently in a 3-way tie for seventh place. One of our members, Tim Clifton received an Award of Merit for his “Flower Talk” and a perfect score of 15 out of 15.. If you would like to see more images and information about the competition you can go to http://www.psa-photo.org/index.php?pid-interclub-competition

    Guardian - VDallons
    Guardian - VDallons
  • Line - VDallons
  • Masts - VDallons
  • Weights - VDallons
  • yacht-SBrons
  • Apparition  - VDallons
  • HMack_Fishermens02
  • Guardian - VDallons
  • Hydraulics - VDallons
  •  Thanks to all who took part in the Seattle ferry terminal outing in February. I hope everyone had a good time, and thank you for sharing some of your results.